Whether it’s a big fiesta, a corporate party or a private and intimate occasion, we enjoy being a part of your celebration! Let us help you impress your guests. Ask us about how you can customize your Bitter & Sweet party favors and create a something unique to your event that everyone wants to take home.

Every now and then we host giveaways to show our appreciation for new and old customers. Connect with us to learn about upcoming giveaways and other Bitter & Sweet surprises!

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Bitter & Sweet is a luxury chocolate boutique that offers a variety of chocolate confections. Currently we have over 40 mouthwatering flavors, which include dairy free and vegan options. Our products are made with pure origin and high quality ingredients by professional chocolatiers. They are packaged and curated with care and high attention to detail. From exciting your taste buds with delicious chocolate to pleasing your eyes with our thoughtful presentation – our mission is simple, we want to give each one of you the best chocolate experience you’ve had!


We invite you all to our newly opened boutique in Glendale, California. Our flavors are always changing depending on what you like and request. So feel free to visit us, have a taste and give us your honest feedback!




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